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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

10 Places To Score Free Stuff on Your Birthday!

With my birthday just a few short days away, I decided to look for places that offer free stuff! Who doesn't love free stuff? I know I do!! f I have missed anything please let me know and I will add it to the list!!

-Baskin Robbins ~ If you join their email club you get a free scoop of ice cream!

-Dunkin Donuts ~ one FREE coffee on your birthday!

-Dairy Queen ~ You get free blizzard's on your special day. WOO HOO! Blizzards are awesome.

-Hooters ~ Hooter's offers free wings

-Denny's ~  Denny's offers you a free breakfast (of a few different choices) as long as you have ID

-IHOP ~ IHOP gives you a short stack of pancakes

-Arby's ~ Sign up for Arby Deals, and you'll get a free sandwich on your birthday with the purchase of a sandwich

-Ruby Tuesday's ~ You can join the birthday club and enjoy a free burger

-Qdoba ~ Join the Qdoba Rewards Club and get a free burrito on your special day!

-Starbucks ~ On Valentine's Day they offer BOGO coffee's, and if you are a member of their rewards club you also get a free drink on your birthday.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Luck! Or lack thereof..

When it comes to luck, I always say, "If it weren't for bad luck, I would have no luck at all!" This has proven to be true most of my life. Let me give you some examples below:

Back in 2012 I had serious issues with my back and ended up having surgery. The Surgery went well and I went home 5 days later. I got home and started my healing process. Exactly 5 days later, I was up taking care of my kids and doing my daily mom duties and as I was walking outside, I slipped on the icy stairs and landed square on my ass. I went back into my doctor's office as I was instructed and learned that the screws that had been placed in my back were now OUT of place and were pressing directly unto my sciatica nerve causing intense pain. So I had to have a 2nd surgery.

In August of this year, finances became tight and we ended up shutting our phones off because we couldn't afford the bill. I was fine with it, as I truly despise having a phone in the first place. So I dealt with it like I do everything else and all was good. A short 2 months later I had car troubles. While I was on my way out West to get my children's glasses (a 25 minute drive) my car decided to break down on the interstate of all places. Mind you I don't have a cell phone. So even though I can't do a whole lot of walking these days, I started walking, on the interstate. I had to get to a gas station to call someone because my car wasn't going anywhere. I walked about a mile to the gas station. I get there and the gas station does NOT have a payphone. So I walked inside and asked if they would let me use the phone. She very rudely said, " You can, but it will cost you $2" ARE YOU KIDDING ME? To use a phone that YOU don't even pay for? Well I just said to myself "it is what it is" and proceeded to get cash out of the ATM because I don't carry any cash at all most of the time. I walk over and the ATM is being worked on. The ATM is out of order/ At this point I am FURIOUS and ready to throat punch this woman. But I kept my cool, went into the bathroom and as I sat down I realized that I had WiFi. So I proceeded to call someone on Facebook (that really came in handy, thanks Facebook!) I was relieved! I got ahold of someone and proceeded to sit in there little breakfast nook that they had. The very rude gas station made sure to come on over and proceeded to inform me that the breakfast nook was for "paying customer's only" and I had to purchase something if I wanted to sit there. And there credit card machines were down. So I guess I am sitting outside while I wait. This was during our first 'cold' week of the month. It was about 40 degrees outside. I was furious.

By the time my help arrives, I get back to my car and we try to access the problem so I can continue on. The car was having issues but I was told it was okay to continue on, so I do. I get about 3 miles down the road and I get off the interstate. As I am stopping at the light, my piece of crap car decides to die out! Right in the middle of the street. I was furious and kicking myself and thought "I knew I should have went home.." I sat in the middle of the off ramp for almost 30 minutes before a very kind citizen of this horrible city decided to stop and ask if I needed help/ I used his phone and called for my help to come get me because my car wasn't even turning over. I thanked him profusely for stopping. I was almost in tears. I couldn't believe that I sat, broke down in the middle of the off ramp for almost a half an hour before anyone stopped to help/ While I was waiting to be rescued, again! I had to get my car out of the way. I had almost been rear-ended twice because people just don't pay attention. So I slammed the bitch and neutral and pushed it out of the way. It almost killed me. Everyone who knows me already knows that because of my health issues this is something that I shouldn't have done. I did regret it the next day because every orifice in my body was hurting. But I knew that I had to do what I had to do to get it done.

I left the car that day, and waited a few hours to have it towed home. Here it is the middle of November and it is still sitting. I have no car. Because that is how my luck goes. I think I have the worst luck on the planet. At least that is how it feels most days. But that doesn't stop me from trying to make things better.

I do believe that you can make your own luck, so that's what I try to do. I don't have a lucky number at all. But I do have my lucky unicorn! It's sounds weird, but I do have a unicorn that goes everywhere with me and most people don't know about it. It is a unicorn "coin" that was given to me as a gift from my grandma. It is always with me. The day of my car breaking down, I didn't have my unicorn with me. I'm not sure if that was pure bad luck or if it was just fate, I guess I will never know. All I do know is that is has gone with me everywhere every single day since. So I hope it helps turns things around for me. I guess only time will tell :)

How is your luck? Are you the superstitious type?

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Children and Technology

It is almost 2016 and a lot has changed in this millennium. So much has changed so quickly that is almost makes my head spin. I can't believe all that has changed from "back in my day." And I say that like I am the oldest person in world. But it leaves me almost dumbfounded.

I remember when I was 14 I was rocking a pager. My parents had given me the choice of the 25lb cell phone (that had just made it's debut) or a pager, and I opted for the pager because even then I didn't want anyone to get a hold of me quickly. The internet had also just made it's debut and it didn't have anything that is does today. It was just something new that had come out and very few people even used it.

It was brand new and I didn't like it, still don't. I have never been a person who is good with change. So when the internet made it's debut I didn't think twice about it. We didn't have smart phones or facebook and twitter. We had school. In order to get a message around to your friends you had to pass notes. And we thought we were the coolest kids ever. Of course, this was the early 90's. But we still loved writing our notes with our awesome and what we thought, very expensive gel pens.

Now let's fast forward to 2015. As of this year there is so much technology it makes your head spin 8 ways from Sunday. We have GPS, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Facetime, Skype, laptops and printers, smart cars, common core, spaulding learning, playstations, Xbox's, Netflix, Cable, Satelitte, Google Earth, tablets and Ipad's, and smart watches. Why do we need any of these things?

Because we live in a day in age where we have to have these things. You have to have a telephone of some sort, especially if you have kids. In the school system they have your children working with things in the internet, they have to do research on the computer and not the old fashioned way. Going to the library, looking the book up, reading it and doing your assignment. Things have changed so much it's scary to me.

Everything has become so reliant on technology that we have smart washing machines and smart refrigerators and smart oven's. Why? I have my opinion on that. We as a society have become pure lazy. We have relied so much on technology that if the nation were under a fire sale, we would be screwed as an entire nation. Our children wouldn't know what to do if they had to do without it all. To them, we would be living back in the stone age and that makes my heart hurt.

Where our nation and school systems are failing us (just my thought) we as parent's need to step up and teach our children what they need to know. Would your children know what to do if they didn't have technology to help them? If you walked up to them right now, would they be able to give you change for a $100 bill without needing a calculator? Do they know how to read a map? Do they know how to read sheet music? Do they know how to do research on a topic, without the assistance of the internet or any other new technology? Do they know all of our nation's amendment's?

These are the questions I don't have answers for. So what do we do as parent's to teach them? What roads do we take to teach our children what our school system isn't? Are your children to reliant on technology?

Don't get me wrong, as a society we have needed change. We have needed to upgrade our technology to survive, but is it all really necessary?

I have asked a lot of questions here. Do you have answers for any of them?  Let me know what you have to say below!