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Sunday, March 15, 2015

All About My Minions!

Yes, this post is nothing more than a big giant page full of my children. I figured I would split it up so they aren't so long. And why not? It's not like I have anything better to do these days than write. And the last week or so I have wanted nothing more than to write all of my ramblings down. So this is just the beginning of a few I have in mind. So Anyways, I will started with my oldest and work my way down to my furbabies! Lol

What can I say about my oldest baby? Oh, a lot. Because as any mother or father for that matter will tell you, they will always be your babies. But she is 13 going on 30, or so she thinks. She is also the same height as me. Yes, that is right. She is 5'8' tall and a beanpole. She is 100lbs and eats like a newborn Lol. She is almost 13 1/2 years old and she already thinks she knows it all. But every teenager on the planet thinks they are grown and know it all Lol. But lately she has become the typical teenager. Except I don't always know how to handle her punishments. Because nothing that I do seems to be working. Let me give you the latest predicament:

Her friend stayed the night here for 2 nights. After, since it was Spring Break my Katie bug wanted to stay the night over there. I let her. She did her chores and everything before hand so she could go. While she was there, she had asked to go to the slides downtown. I had told her she wasn't going to the slides downtown by herself, she needed an adult. The friend's mom was at work, so I told her to just wait and I would take her over the weekend. She went downtown with her friend anyways. Downtown Omaha is no place for children. You have prostitutes and weirdos and just NO place for a teenage girl, I would have never have known it, because I give the benefit of the doubt. But here is where she went wrong: She went with a group of friends. Not just her and the friend she was staying with. And they did what all teenagers do know and took 200 selfies and POSTED them on Facebook. As her mother I check, monitor and watch her like a hawk on Facebook. She had already had her phone taken because of her attitude, so she didn't know I was checking her Facebook. So I get on her Facebook and see this. I didn't say anything to her when I called her downstairs. I asked her ONE more time if she went downtown. She told me No, she didn't, Until I told her about the picture. She finally told the truth,

What do I do with that? I have grounded her from everything but breathing. But will it make a difference? Will taking her friends and phone away really matter? Will it happen again? These are the questions going through my mind. What would you do?

But aside from her mouth and attitude, she is going well academically. She has straight A's and still in violin and chorus. She recently started volunteering at the local community center, she starts that full time tomorrow after school. She is doing well. But what do I do about her attitude? I swear there are many occasions anymore that her mouth is SO bad, with the attitude and defiance that I can't even stand sitting in the same room with her anymore. I really HATE feeling this way about my own child. Where am I going wrong? What am I doing wrong? Is it going to get worse, and how much worse? I just don't know what to do anymore. So I am branching out, swallowing my pride and asking my readers. What would you do if this were your daughter?

Moving on....

My son is doing fantastic!! He has done SO much better academically since I have put him on ADHD meds. I have been criticized, be my own family even, for having him on ADHD meds. He doesn't need em and blah blah blah.. But I don't care. Since he started the medication he has done a lot better at school. His grades have improved, he is concentrating on school work better, he isn't getting in trouble anymore. He is doing GREAT! He has straight A's as well and he even made honor roll once already, and will again by the end of the year I am sure of it. He has recently taking a liking into learning games that help him actually learn, versus just playing games like he used to. He has shot up and is about the size of a 10yr old. I am SO glad he got my height. Lol I was hoping he wasn't short like his sperm donor is.. But all in all he is doing fantastic! Tearing things up like a boy does. Going through clothes left and right and just like the average little boy!

Jacklynn is doing great as well. She is also starting to sprout up. So I am thinking she will also be about my size by the time she done growing. Just this month, I took her into school to have her Pre-K testing done. Because getting into school is a "test" anymore, which I think is ridiculous, but it is what it is. Anyway, I took her in for the testing and she did very well, almost TO well. I had a chat with the secretary, and she may not make it into Pre-K because she is to smart. She knows to much for her age, therefore she may not make it in because they need the "room" for kids who really do need the help. I understand that, but I don't. Why do kids need to test into school? Shouldn't it be automatic once you reach the age? She is going to be heartbroken once I receive the letter. If she doesn't make it she won't understand and she will be completely heartbroken that she can't go to school. She has been wanting to go to school since last year! I really hope she makes it in. Aside from school, she is very excited to work on my garden with me. She even has her own little kid size garden fork and spade to work out there with me. She is just as excited as I am. :) She is average for her size I think, well maybe a bit bigger. She can wear 4-5-6's depending on how they are made. And of course she is just way to smart for her britches Lol But all in all she is well.

They are all 3 doing great. Aside from the fact that they fight me on chores, don't listen, argue like they hate each other and all that usual kid stuff Lol So they are doing great. They are well adjusted and doing fantastic! I couldn't be prouder of them.

Stay tuned in the next day or so for the next 2 I have to write. I'm writing all about love and all about me. Both are good ones. I hope this one wasn't to long. If you were here, leave a comment here so I know who is here! I keep writing but I am not sure anyone is reading. So if you are out there, let me know!

Thanks for reading :)


  1. a rebellious daughter- i decided early in life i had learn from my own experience and make my own mistakes. but my god was i glad my mother was always right there to make me realize what i had done wrong every. single. time. just keep giving out the punishments and be sure to always be there for her. she will appreciate it in the long run of things.


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