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Monday, January 5, 2015

My Foundation

My heart is running in circles. Uneasy, unleashed, and in turmoil. 

It feels like a ton of bricks, just ready to crumble.

What's holding it together? 

It's been tattered, shattered and battered by the ones I love the most.

I am to slow to forget those who hurt me, and to damn fast to forget those who love me.

I am drowning, but no one will ever truly see my struggles.

I keep them hidden within. Bottle them up, so no one can see, the true battles within me.

I cry every night, and put a smile on my face every morning. Just to hide what's really going on.

I fight for what I want, with every beat of my heart.

It takes alot for me to give up, even though I've been through so much.

Sometimes I doubt just how far I can go, until I remember just how far I've come.

I remember everything I've faced, all the battles I've already won. 

It gives me the strength I need to go on.

When a house crumbles to the ground, all that is left is the foundation. A foundation is all you need to rebuild.

I'll be alright, I'll be okay. You know why? 

Because I am my foundation.

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