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Monday, August 18, 2014

Home Sweet Home

I have no idea where to start this blog. But anymore it seems I never know where to start them out at. Lol The last time I blogged, was well over 6 months ago. SO much has happened in the last 6 months that I'm not sure I can get it all in one blog. I may have to stretch it out.

The last time I blogged, it was about the house that I am currently living in. This house isn't as picture perfect as I thought it was. But is it ever? There is always problems and even in the back of my mind I knew it. Even then. But after awhile it all came to light and they are small enough things that I can replace or fix that aren't going to require much. But I've been baring with it and hanging in there. Started out pulling the very, very disgusting carpets out of the bedrooms. I am not sure who it was that lived here before, but I think they owned every animal on the planet because there was shit just caked on the floors, in the corners of the walls. It was BAD and nasty and disgusting. Pulling the carpets was the first order of business, and it REALLY makes a difference in the smell that was protruding from upstairs. It was really that bad. Baby steps, and I will get this place where it needs to be. Just need to put in a little elbow grease.

This neighborhood however, I am not so sure about. I feel like I have had one problem after another with these neighborhood kids since the weather got warm. I have had them threaten my dog, tell me I am a racist bitch and so forth. Had one child whip my son with a plastic baseball bat, and just yesterday even had a child (about 12 or 13 I would say) hit my son in the face because she claims he was stepping on her foot, from behind. I seen the whole thing take place. But apparently I am deaf and blind because there is no teenager around here that would lie, EVER! LOL I've been nice, I've talked to parents, I've made numerous police reports. And guess what? It just keeps getting worse and worse. And I am not saying my kids are 100% innocent in any of it. They have started their share of shit. But they have never put their hands on another person, because *I* have raised them better than that. But bottom line of it all, I can't control anyone else's kids. It doesn't matter what I say, or what I do. When it comes right down to it, the only ones I can control are my own kids. And I don't want them around any person that thinks it is okay to hit someone, because they are doing something that they don't like. Sorry Charlie, not how this family rolls at all. So as of yesterday, my children are no longer allowed outside of this house, anywhere in this neighborhood until we have a privacy fence. At least with a fence, I know my kids are in OUR yard and I wont have to deal with anyone else's bullshit. My kids are going to hate me for awhile, but being back in school and doing their after school activities, should keep them occupied enough. And on the weekends, we will go elsewhere if we need to. Cuz this mama isn't taking anyone's shit anymore and I am NOT playing nice. I am tired of playing nice, especially with a bunch of bad ass kids. And I've been sitting here for weeks wondering, do they even have parents? I have lived in this house since March and I always see kids, never any parents, of said bad ass kids. I am not always outside with my kids. My oldest is almost 13. They stay out front unless asked and I sit right by the window to watch them, and I check on them frequently. I don't just let them loose. Gives my oldest the responsibility she feels like she needs, while giving them freedom. But still close enough for me to stick my foot up their ass if they need it. But most of these kids are outside for multiple hours and I never see any parents. Sad really, but like I said. I can't control anyone else's children and their behavior. All I can do is keep a lid on my children and know who they are playing with and when and all that dandy shit. Back on to the house..

I pulled the carpets and started painting the girl's bedroom. Of course, as sure as I was that I had enough paint to do the whole bedroom lol I didn't. So its only partially painted. But it looks better than it did and the girls say it makes them feel more comfortable. So we both win. 

But we haven't gotten any further than that. My health issues are always in the way, and it's my next blog. So stay tuned. But I figure that I have all the time in the world to get it done, so I am in no rush at all. It will all happen when it is supposed to, how it's supposed to.

With all the other shit. I will just do what I knew I should have in the first place and stick to myself. My days are quieter. I dont have to deal with drama and bullshit and I don't have to wear any pants. It's win/win.

So with that said, I bid you adue as I head to my next blog for the day...

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