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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finally! A Step Forward, Not Backwards..

So for those that didn't see it on Facebook, already I do have some good news!

The boyfriend and I are buying a house! It's strange to even say that to myself out loud. But it's true! We were looking for a place to move, and I stumbled upon a place that was originally for rent. But after talking with her on the phone a bit and of course talking to the boyfriend we had the option to buy it. And I don't know about you. But I would much rather own a house, then to be renting one for the rest of my life. Now, don't get me wrong I skeptical at first. Who wouldn't be? I had my doubts, worries, questions. I wondered if it was to good to be true. Because it really sounded to go to be true.

But this house is perfect for us. Has a fairly new roof, a good foundation. A brand new furnace, a new central air system, the siding isn't brand new but it isn't very old either. Has a good sized yard that won't be hard to fence in. A front and back porch.  It's 2 stories. 3 bedrooms. Has a good size kitchen, a laundry room separate from all the other rooms. 2 different sets of steps to get upstairs. The living room and the master bedroom has wood floors that I have fallen in love with! The girl's room is the entire length of the house. The plumbing is good. Everything is awesome! And it will be our's in 4 years. That's it! We will own it in less than 4 years. Maybe even sooner than that. I guess it just depends on how money goes.

I haven't had a chance to take pictures yet. Everything has been crazy. But the lease is signed, and the lights and the gas is on. We should have the keys within a few days so we can move in! I can get pictures then for everyone to see.

I am just glad to finally be taking steps forward and not backwards. I had gone from living in a house, to living in the projects to living with someone and I was about to be living with someone else when I just so happen to accidentally find the place and I am so glad that I did. And I can't wait to make new memories with the kids in this house. The house that will be ours forever! Well maybe not forever lol But for as long as we want.

I can't wait to start my garden! Flowers and veggies! I have been overdue for Spring for awhile now. And I wasn't able to do a garden last year because of my back. This year won't be quite as bad. And the best part? We can do whatever we want to the house! If I want to paint, I can. If I feel like throwing a brick through the wall, I can do that! Cuz it's my house and no one is going to give a shit! hahahahaha

Of course, now I need to find a permanent and steady job. Because I don't necessarily need it, but I want it. I really need to work. Not just for the money, but I really need some adult interaction. Because being with just kids all the time is driving me batshit crazy. I am ready to lock myself up and throw away the key lol

I still can't believe it! By the time I am 32 I will be the owner of a house! And not at anyone else's hands. Just our's. It will be our house! 

And the wait is KILLING ME! 

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