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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Broadcasting For The Entire Internet

Since I had started Facebook, well even before then. Since I started out originally on MySpace. I have always gotten a lot of shit for what I do and don't post about. MySpace fell apart years ago, what was it? 2009 I wanna say. So I did what everyone else did, and moved on over to Facebook. Originally I HATED Facebook with a passion. Because it wasn't MySpace, and mostly because I couldn't blog on Facebook. So I sought out otherways to be able to blog where other's could see. And a good friend, a good blogger friend whom I don't see around much anymore, Howie. Told me to look into blogger. It was an easy set up, and you could post to MySpace, and Facebook, email etc.. I gotta say I was leary at first. But anyways, I started blogger. And ever since Day 1 I have secretly been taking shit on my blog for the things I post about OPENLY on my Facebook and even here for that matter. Why?

Because to the people I know closest (on my Facebook) and even here, I have nothing to hide from anyone. I don't keep things private. Not even my sex life, why? Well, why keep things that are so great to myself? People often ask me why I am so open on social networks, yet if you meet me in person, unless I have known you for a really long time (years I'm talkin..) or you are family (and sometimes not even then) I will say only a few words in person. I seem quiet and reserved. Yet, even my own family knows I am batshit crazy and have some serious screws loose. But they love me for it.

But it isn't just the good things I like to share. I share everything. The good, the bad and the ugly. And I get messages sent to me like "Why on Earth would you post that for everyone to see?" And I let out a simple reply, "Because I can. And it is my life, why are you so concerned with it?"

Now that might sound a tad rude? But really. These messages come from most people who only know me online. Never met me in person, or never really. Also, people whom have never taken the time to actually get to know me. To understand why I post the shit that I post. You don't know me, so instead of trying to find out about me, you are just going to judge? Well that is the interwebz for you I suppose.

But judgement comes with the blogging territory right? I suppose it does and I should just let it go like I always do. But sometimes it really irks me..

But I broadcast it all. Because that is just who I am. Love me or hate me, I am still gonna shine and post whatever the hell I want. With that said, I will now continue with the rest of the blogs I had in mind to post today. I have 2. So stay tuned..

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