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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Update Pt. 2

So in Part 1 we explored the health side of me, well my back anyways. As far as the rest of my crazy that is still to be determined. It's all up in the air yet and I am still a work in progress. A better me is in the making so to speak. I am currently supposed to be in to see a therapist but with everything else I have had going on, plus being a mommy I just haven't had the time yet. Between the depression and severe anxiety and my OCD has gotten a little worse I really NEED to for my own sake, but I just haven't made myself MAKE the time if that makes sense. But I am a work in progress.

First I came to the realization that before I could love anyone else fully (besides my kids of course) I had to learn to love myself just the way I am. And that is still a battle that I fight everyday, but I have come to love myself through all the crazy and all. And if other people can't seem to accept me for who I am, then they just don't need to be apart of my life anymore plain and simple. It has been a slow process, but I am slowly separating myself from all the bullshit and drama that I am surrounded by. It hasn't been easy but it is getting better day by day because I just simply won't put up with it. As far as loving anyone else. The only person I am 100% committed to right now is my children and myself that is it. I am perfectly content with being single and taking care of the things I need to take care of in my life. It really has been hard, but I am making it. I am however "dating" because why not? What is wrong with a man courting me for a change? Nothing. I need some pampering dammit! LOL

My kids are all happy and healthy. School is almost out and I am very proud to say that my children will be tutoring other kids this summer as well and they made that choice without me. It is a proud mommy moment. I am very proud of my kids and they will both be graduating with honors at the end of this month. My kids have been through an awful lot the last few years but they are still striving for excellence and I am very proud of them and proud of myself for raising the awesome kids that I do have. My baby Jack is potty trained. She is doing well with it and she is getting so big, and she is SO smart! I can't believe how excellent my mini me is doing. She is very excited about going camping this summer. We had a blast going camping last summer and she is already asking about it this year.

My kids are happy and healthy and I am a work in progress.. Hopefully it won't be to much longer before I have internet again so I can spend everyday blogging again, because I sure miss it. I miss being able to throw everything out there whenever I feel the need too. But I guess I do that on Facebook anyways, so I'm still undecided about it all.

There are my updates for now, well the short versions at least. I do have lots more to say, but I'll be back for all that.

Did ya miss me!?

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