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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sex! Dirty, Dirty Sex! How I See It... **ADULT CONTENT**

Yeah, you read that right. Dirty, dirty sex. Have you ever had sex with that one person, just thinking about it turns you on in ways you didn't even know was possible? Yeah, that's the kind of sex I'm having.

Yeah, I am a freak no doubt. I have always let my freak flag fly high because I am proud of who I am outside and inside the bedroom. And the sex I have been having is just utterly mindblowing. And I was a freak before I was with this man, but DAMN. He just brings out my inner freak and it is just amazing to me. I am doing things that I never even thought I would do, and I just can't even put it into words it is so amazing LOL

There is that moment, when you look into each other's eyes and the passion is racing. The dirty thoughts and the images that pop into your head that just take your breath away and drive you so wild, you just want to pounce like a cougar. RAWR!

When you are looking into each other's eyes and the passion takes over. As I walk over to him, my emotions and hormones just flood me, overwhelming me. Leaving me paralyzed from the thought of his sexy, tanned, naked body against mine. I look into his eyes, and my passion just overrides.

As I gaze into his eyes, I walk towards him. I let out a deep breath and bite my lip just a little, because I know it drives him wild. Standing in front of him, with each hand on each side of his face, I grab his hair and pull it a little bit. I kiss him, and I am so horny for him, and he knows it. Just thinking about all the naughty things we will do, makes me wet.

As I kiss him, he grabs my hips. Pulling me closer and closer. Grabbing my ass cheeks and slamming me against the wall. Our hands are all over each other. As he is slowly, yet passionately caresses my body I move my lips from his mouth, to his cheek, to his neck, licking and biting just a little bit as I don't want to hurt him. Biting his nipple, making my way down to his abs. I stop, to look into his eyes just to make sure it is pleasure, not pain that he is feeling. My hands making there way down to his belt, slowly yet gracefully undoing it. As I am undoing his belt, he drops to his knees, yanking my hair to draw my head back. Kissing my neck, sucking and biting just a little bit. Then softly says, "I don't want to hurt you, you've been through enough" and I respond, "You could never hurt me baby."

Making the intensity of the situation that much better, passion is overwhelming us both at this point. He picks me up, carrying me to the bedroom. Throwing the blankets to the side, as not to get in the way. Lays on top of me and lightly kisses my cheek. Making his way to my ear, licking and biting it because he knows it drives me insane. He starts to suck my neck, harder and harder and he does it intentionally because he knows my neck is that *one* spot that will drive me over the edge. Makes his way to my breasts, nipples hard and erect. Starts licking all around my ariola. As he is sucking on my breasts he slides one hand all the way down my body and slowly slips one finger in, not to thrust to hard. I moan in excitement, as it is driving me so wild, I tremble just a little bit. He sees the excitement in my eyes and slowly slips in another finger. Thrusting harder and harder. He pulls my hair, harder and harder as his cock is so hard he almost can't take it any longer. But the gentleman he is, knows a woman always goes first, and he slows down just a little bit so he doesn't ruin the mood.

He starts kissing and licking his way down to my clitoris, moving oh so slowly and passionately to make sure it drives me wild. My legs are spread, my back is arched, my ass is in the air. I am fucking his face so hard he doesn't know what hit him. He is so delicate, and so gentle I am completely and utterly relaxed. He looks me in the eyes to see my antcipation of what is about to happen. I am screaming, moaning and I am ready to climax. He takes his hands, grabs me by the thighs so hard I have bruises and starts sucking on my clitoris like his is a sewing machine. Until right then and there, I am face fucking him so hard, the neighbors know my name. And I am screaming with anticipation and tell him, "Fuck me baby, oh yeah!"

I grab him by his arms and flip him on his back. Gracefully climbing on top of him. Riding that nice thick, long hard cock like there is no tomorrow. Slowly but surely getting faster and faster. He closes his eyes, leans his head back and grabs my ass so hard. He is just about to climax when he stops me and tells me to get on my hands and knees. Flips me over, rams his cock inside me so hard I hit my head on the wall. He grabs my hair with one hand and yanks my head backwards, while with his other hand he is slapping my ass so hard he leaves red marks. I love it. The way he pulls my hair, slaps my ass and screams my name turns me on even more. I am screaming, and moaning, "harder baby, harder!" I am so wet at this point the bed is soaked. He does my body good.

He can't take the anticipation and creams inside me. 

We are both satisfied completely. We lay next to each other cuddling naked, smoking a cigarette as he starts to cuddle me. I grab his face and kiss him... Only for us to start Round #2

**P.S. ~This is true

***P.P.S.~ This is the very first time I have written anything like this, feedback is appreciated.


  1. damn girl lol that was pretty good... loved the story and scene in my head to go with it... fucking hot!!!! ;) -cass

  2. Omg that was intense and sounded like you were getting a lil wet just writing it.... Great story just not sure if i can look ya in the face and think damn now i see what happened to the frame.......

  3. very hot!!!!!!!!!
    would love to see an read more of u !!!

  4. These relationships into a framework of rape or sexual abuse designed for women only serves to showcase your lack of intelligence and ignorance of human sexuality


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