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Friday, November 16, 2012


My oh so wonderful son is 6 years old today, it was just like yesterday he was born. But isn't that what everyone says about their kids? They grow up so damn fast right before your eyes!

Things were different while I was pregnant with him. When I had my eldest, I gained 53lbs and I gained it EVERYWHERE. I really didnt want to be pregnant again and I sure wasn't ready for another child. While carrying him I managed to lose 20lbs throughout my pregnancy, how I did that? I haven't a clue. But I did. And he still came out healthy as a horse. He was born 7lbs 8oz and 19 3/4in long. He was and IS short, not something he gets from his mama. Lol But I stayed in the hospital for 2 days and home we went.

He was a mama's boy from the boot. Not just because mama was (is) all he has, but he just couldn't get enough of sleeping on mommy, for the first few months of his life that was the only way I could get him to sleep. It drove me crazy, because even trying to move him after he went to sleep was a chore. I would try little tricks like wrapping a receiving blanket around him to make him THINK he was still being held and he just knew. So I finally gave in and learned after awhile to take my t-shirt off and wrap him in that and he would sleep.

My wonderful and very smart son has been through alot in his 6 years of life, things of which as a mother I had no control over whatsoever and it broke my heart in ways that no one will ever know. But we survived, he survived and he is for the better because of that, for that and only that I do thank his deadbeat of a father. See, when he was 3 he was diagnosed with PTSD, Adjustment Disorder, and Separation Anxiety. When he was 4 and started school, I was extremely worried. With the combination of disorders and issues he had, I didn't think he would do well in a school setting. But as a mother, school is what he wanted and what he needed, so I sent him.

And he exceeded even my expectations. Since that very first day of school he has done very well and has always remained at the top of his class. As of right now he is the best speller and best reader in his room. And for being in a room with 16 of his peers I would say that is very well. My son is kind, warm and loving to everyone around me. He is more of a social butterfly than I am, so he has friended everyone in his room. We are expecting quite a few children at his party tomorrow and I spent close to $100 just on food for everyone to eat, and that isnt counting the cake and ice cream.

He is the ONLY boy of the bunch. Altogether he was 3 sisters. Katie is the oldest, then Danae and then Jacklynn, he is right in the middle of them all and he loves them all and "takes care" of each of them. The bond he has with each of his sisters is one of which no one can ever take from him. I am very proud of him, and proud to call him his son.

He is handsome, smart, witty, funny, caring, kind, loving, enthusiastic about everything and already a heartbreaker. He is only 6 and says he has a girlfriend, and her name is Karlee. Lol

My wonderful son, you are 6 years old today and it seems like just yesterday I was rocking you to sleep in my arms and watching you sleep. Little do you know, I still watch you sleep and wish I was rocking you to sleep in my arms. But I am also very proud of you, and you will be a great man one day and that is thanks to your awesome unicorn/ninja mommy. Happy Birthday my son! I love you!

xoxoxo ~Mom <3

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  1. Danae is SO excited to come see her brother and share Hailey and Holden with him. <3


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