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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Ohh my. When I read this topic I had immediately thought, "That is a neverending list!" Lol Thanks Babymama appreciate the thinking process on this one.  But really, what I value isn't much different from anyone who may or may not be reading this.

~I value my children. If anything in this world I will always be a mother. I chose to become a mother 11 years ago and I have embraced it. I value each of my children in their own way, because all 3 of them have their own individuality about them. I value the time I have with each of them and do my best to play a positive role in their lives because I know that I am all that they have. And it is my job as a mother to set the best examples and values for them.

~I value Respect. I believe that in order to have respect, you must give it. With me, you can't just be given respect right off the bat, you have to earn it. Having Respect for yourself and others will get you very far in life. It will go far with family, friends, life and even love. Another value of mine, that goes along with this one is to "Respect Your Elders" which is something I don't think is taught very often this day an age. My children know before anything needs to be said, if an adult walks into a room and you are in the only chair and that adult would like to sit down, you respectfully get out of your chair for that adult to sit down. It's just respect. It was the way I was raised and it is something I have passed down to my children. Always respect your elders, they are much wiser than you are!

~ I value my life. This was something I hadn't done until recently. It is a blessing that I am still here in this world. Between my medical problems and all the emotional stress in my life and everything else, it is a wonder I am still here. I value the fact that I am still walking this Earth.

~I value my friends. I don't talk about them as often as I should. Mostly because 99% of my friends are online. I don't do well with others and I have severe social issues and anxiety. I do much better online with friends. But if it weren't for them somedays I don't feel like I would make it without them. I also value my Babymama! I'm not quite sure where we would be in life without each other, but not a good road Im sure. So I am glad I have her. To read about her, click here!

~I value my blog. Even though I don't have many readers at all, I still enjoy my online therapy and would be lost without it. Or on myspace. Not sure which, but either way I don't know what I would do without my crazy weird blog!

And last but not least among my huge list of values..

~I value my COFFEE! I can't survive without it. Between sleepless nights and not enough time in the day, I would be lost without my caffeine. I value it almost as much as I do my children! LOL!        


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  1. I like what you value. No. I love what you value--because all of it is what I value.

    As for your readers...don't worry about the numbers. Stay true to you (which you've done so far) and the readers will follow. In my case it took awhile--but it does eventually happen!!

    Cheers, Jenn


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