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Thursday, October 25, 2012


When I read this topic, the only thing that came to mind was the one and only vacation I have ever in my entire life taken.

My oldest daughter was just 3 years old and I was the young age of 19. I had saved up the money for this vacation for almost an entire year because I was really looking forward to meeting family members that I only knew of, but had never met.

Headache: We drove all the way from Omaha, Nebraska to Guyton, Georgia. For those that don't have mapquest handy, it was exactly 22 hours straight through. Not only was it a long drive, but it was even longer with 6 kids in the car all under the age of 8. Plus it was my Aunt and I. Could you imagine driving that far with that many children in the car? Instant headache from the moment we got in the car. Luckily we had timed it just right and left around 4pm that afternoon. Stopped and got dinner and the kids drove us crazy in the car for a few hours before they finally passed out. We got most of the driving done while they were sleeping. So much easier that way. I say we, because I didn't drive, but I stayed awake with her. That would be a very long drive without having someone to socialize with while you drive.

Happiness: It was the first time I had met my Aunt. Who then assured me that if I had ever needed anything to just let her know, because regardless of anything family is always family. It was also the first time I had ever in my life been on a boat, it was also the first time my daughter had been on a boat as well. And I don't have the pictures on this computer. But while we were boating on the Savannah River it was the first time I had ever seen a sea turtle and that thing was huge! My daughter absolutely loved it and hasn't seen anything since.

We had also set out a crab trap. Came back to it a good 6 hours later and caught some crab. We boiled those suckers a little over 12 hours and it was the first time we had ever had crab. I remember it so well because my wonderful 3 year old daughter looked at me and said "Mommy, I can't eat him until you take his eyes off!" LOL I will never forget that.

All in all it was a headache to be in a car 22 hours with 6 children, but it was well worth every bit of it. Still to this day a whole 8 years later my daughter still wants to go back to see the "red dirt" and visit her Aunt.

I say any vacation is a happiness, it all depends on how you look at it!!


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