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Friday, October 5, 2012

Online Courses

Online Courses have been something I have been pondering for a few months now. I mentioned it awhile back in one of my blogs, that I was thinking of pursuing classes to "better" my writing. To have a career in writing, wasn't something that hadn't even crossed my mind. I mean, I barely have readers here on blogger and facebook, would I really have anyone reading a book that  I wrote? What on Earth would I even write about in the first place? Questions I have been pondering all afternoon.

But online courses are something I am considering. With my health issues, being a single stay at home mommy of 3 kids, and therapy to boot I already have my hands full. So taking classes online would be more convenient I do believe. I still have yet to check into it though. Because here in the ohhh so wonderful city of Omaha there are very few colleges that aren't just out for your money. The only school I would consider even going to would be and that is only because it is small, and more one on one with their students versus the University here. Which I guess, either way it wouldn't matter because I will be taking them online. But still something I have thought about, in case I need to go in for whatever reason.

I am still undecided, but I am really considering it. I just wonder how it really works. At your own pace? By a certain deadline? Hmm, I am definitely going to check into it for sure. Because I strongly believe you are never to old to go back to school, and you can NEVER have enough education.

Have you taken online courses? What are your thoughts about them?


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...Until tomorrow my friends!


  1. I agree, you can never have enough education, just not sure online is the best way to achieve that!

  2. Other than for some job training, I haven't taken online courses. I'm more of the personality type to want to interact with others. I do know-- from your previous post this is not you--and I think that online school would work for you. I hope it works out for you :)

    Cheers, Jenn


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