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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

If I Ruled The World...

Day #8 here, and today's topic is one that I am struggling with... "If I Ruled The World..."

There are sooo many ways you can take this topic. Because I think for the most part we all want the same changes in the world. Healthcare, world peace, more money, education, no discrimination etc..

If I ruled the world, I would want it to be a place where we didn't have to perpetrate hate on other's to feel good about ourselves at the end of the day. That we would not all be the same person dancing to the same tune of life, but to just be ourselves and be free to discover all the great things about yourself and what YOU as a person have to offer the rest of the world and learn to live together and work together, not against each other. But what do I know?

I have been thinking about this topic all day today and in fact, I am not even at all sure I would want to rule the world. I am not that power hungry or driven, motivated person or whatever you would need to be, to want to rule the world. I wouldn't want to be that person to determine every man/woman/child's fate in this world. Because that is what would happen when anyone on this planet "rule's" it. You determine the fate of everyone whether they like it or not, and I am person about compromise and cooperation and empathy. 

I just couldn't, and wouldn't want to rule this sorry of an excuse planet that we live on. I can dream, and hope and want all that I want, but I am only one person, my ruling of this world wouldn't make a difference. It would take a large amount of people to get this world back to the way it should be, not just me.

So if I ruled the world, I would want to rule a world that didn't need me to rule it...


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  1. Well, that was a big circle! Good job!

  2. I'm not sure I want to rule the world myself--it seems too large of a job for just one person. Excellent post!!


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