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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cats, Black Cats, and Superstitions

So when I moved to the neighborhood I currently reside in. I had this stray cat that kept getting into my house. I couldn't figure out how it was getting in. But I was sure I wasn't going to keep her. But she kept getting in, and I kept putting her out. Finally after about a month of doing this and really cold weather, and my children. I decided to let her stay. She seemed pretty well tame and wasn't going to attack or anything of the sorts. But I kept a close eye on her anyways. We ended up keeping her for awhile. But of course she was an outdoor cat so she kept running out. And thanks to my children, I was a sucker and always let her back in on those winter nights. It didn't take me long to realize she was pregnant. I mean you can't miss a pregnant cat by any means. And I knew in Nebraska, they only keep cats for 30 days, if they aren't adopted by then, they are euthanized. So I kept her. I named her Hooker, after all that's what she was! Lol Anyways, she ended up having a litter of kittens and I gave them away to good home's. She got pregnant again, and again. I kept ONE cat from all over her litters and took our wonderful Hooker Kitty to a friend who lives on a farm so she is free to roam and do all the hookin she wants! Lol

The cat I kept was the runt of the bunch and I felt bad for her because my hooker kitty didn't want to care for her. Not sure if it was just because she was so tiny or what, but she didn't care for her. So I kept her and bottle fed her etc.. until she was big enough to eat kitty food and drink water/milk. She was an all black cat and was sooo furry and had the biggest blue eyes ever! I had instantly fell in love with her. My kids named her "Dory" you know, after that annoying fish on Finding Nemo? Anyways, the kids call her Dory, but I call her Baby Retard. She is the only cat I have ever known in my life who intentionally walks into walls, yes intentionally. Anyways, here she is at birth:

My mother had tried to convince me to not keep her. She was a black cat after all, and we all know what they say about black cats. But I don't believe in superstitions at all, so I kept her. She turned one years old on July 23, 2012 and she is happy and healthy and sitting on my lap as I type!!

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