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Friday, October 5, 2012

Am I Living My Dream?

Am I Living My Dream? That is a good question, with an easy answer....


I can easily say that because even to this very moment, I don't even know what my dream is anymore. I'm not even sure I have one. But here is what I do know.

~This is not the life that I had envisioned for myself, not even close.

But I know what I want. But is what I want, and living my dream the same thing? I'm not sure anymore.

~What I really want to be able to do, is stay home with my children. At least until they all reach school age, and then pursue whatever career I chose to head down. Because *I* believe that I brought my children into this world, up until school age I should be home to teach them, raise them. But that is my belief (not everyone's)

~I want a ranch style home, with about 2 acres of land smack in the middle of nowhere. So my children have all the room in the world to roam free and I can have the peace and quiet I so deserve. Oh, and my unicorn..

~ At some point in my life, I would like to own and run a Restaurant/Bar. That would be ideal for me. Owning/Managing a restaurant/bar would be perfect and give me the flexible schedule I will need for my kids.

~ I don't want to be rich, but to be able to live comfortably without having the worry of how this bill will get paid, or how that bill will get paid or what's going to happen next would be a dream come true.

But with all these things I want, I still don't know if it's really my dream. I don't even know if I believe in dreams anymore. So this will be a question I will be pondering. 

I think with everything that has happened to me lately and everything that has gone on. That maybe it is time for me to have some new dreams because I think we the "dreams" that I have right now, I am not reaching my full potential. What do you think?


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  1. You do have dreams, but you call them wants. Want them hard enough and your wants will become dreams realised.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Stuart! I had never thought of it like that. Of course my brain was all jumbled while writing this last night. Thanks for the comment love!

  2. You know-- I give you a ton of kudos because you are a single mom and it is hard to stay at home with the kiddos when you're on your own.

    While I am married with my kids-- I have always worked weird hours to be there for my babies when they were little. They each had Momma at home until school started each and every day--but I didn't always get to put them to bed at night--because my husband worked days and I worked evenings or nights.

    I'm feeling that now that I hit 40. They are all in school now--but I home school one so I'm still working nights.

    You do have dreams--like Stuart said--you just call them wants. Just print out a picture of that ranch style home and look at it each day-- to remind yourself what your ultimate goal is--and each day you'll get closer to it!

    Cheers, Jenn.

    1. Thanks Jenn. I am definitely trying here. I have an interview next week. Against my doctor's orders I have to work, have bills to pay and what not. It is for overnights. I figure that away I am here to put the kids to bed, and send them off to school and I can just sleep when Jack sleeps during the day. But anyways, I should really get a printer so I can do that. Maybe that will help..

  3. Sometimes you just dig in and pursue what you want. Jump over the obstacles, and find a way to get what you want.....

  4. I agree with Stuart, Jenn, and danneromero! Dig in! Get what you want! Make it happen, make it your dream. You can do it mama!

  5. I believe that if you dream long enough, wish hard enough, keep the hope alive and have complete faith, the pathway to achieve your dreams will open up. Wish you dreams come true.

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