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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Top 5 Reasons I'm Ready For Fall

 Since it's the unofficial end of summer I thought it was time to post some of my favorite things about Fall! Because Fall is my favorite time of year and here are my top 5

#5 ~ I no longer have to mow my grass or tend to much yard work. With Fall comes all the grass, trees etc.. falling to the ground. So what yard work do I have to do? Raking leaves. Which is my kids' favorite thing to do, because they just love to rake them and jump in them. And you know just how much I enjoy my children getting dirty! Its a pasttime around here! It's going to also be great to not spend 6 hours a day mowing the endless amount of land I have. I love my house and the land that comes with it. But it gets tiring and extremely overwhelming to mow all this damn grass, not to mention $30 every other week, YES! I will get to save an extra $60 a month. It's going to be great!!

#4 ~ I can spend days in my hoodie and won't have to change! haha I know that's terrible to even say, but it's true. As a mommy and a future wifey who never leaves home, I don't have much to change my clothes for. No one sees me anyways, so If I am rockin my hoodie, no one will ever know! haha It's going to be great.

#3 ~ Cooler weather. Don't get me wrong, I am all about summer. Swimming and camping and everything outdoors. But when its 120+ degrees outside, how are you supposed to enjoy that when you have children that will have a heat stroke at the drop of a dime? Its extremely hard to. At least with the cooler weather I can hang out on my porch swing drinking a nice cup of Joe and not have to worry about whether or not I am myself am going to have a heat stroke! lol I can't wait!

#2 ~ Changing colors. Nothing is more beautiful then watching the sunset in the fall. The changing of the trees and grass and everything around you is the most peaceful thing to look at. There is green, and yellow and orange and brown and just sooo many different colors its just perfect. Couldn't ask for anything better then that. Its soothing to me..

and the number one reason....DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!! .....

#1 ~ I will be wearing jeans soon enough, so I wont have to shave my legs!!! haha I know, call me lazy. But after a long hard day just taking care of my tiny humans, sometimes I am just toooo exhausted to even shower, let alone shave. And it is exhausting shaving sometimes. I've shaved one leg here, one armpit there.. Yes I will admit it... The joys of being a single mommy! LOL!

Are you looking forward to Fall?

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  1. I love it, and fall too. :D



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