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Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Have Lost My Marbles

I must have lost my marbles somewhere, have you seen them? If you have, please don't hurt them. They are already damaged enough.....!

So I went to pick up my tiny humans from school on Friday, as I do any other day. But apparently I had forgotten that I made plans for some extra tiny humans to come over. At first, I was just going to deal with it. It was only 2 extra bodies and it was only for a few hours. Until, it dawned on me that they weren't just coming over to play for awhile, but they were staying the night. Okay, okay. These kids hadn't been over in awhile, I could handle one night of it, right? But that wasn't the end of it.

One of my daughter's best friend's (known her for almost 6 years now) mother texted me and asked me if I would please keep her daughter for the weekend, for her oldest daughter had homecoming. Every inch of me wanted to scream, "Are you fucking crazy!?" But I didn't. I calmly replied and told her YES and I was on the way to pick her up. After all, in the 6 years my daughter has known her, she has never once asked me if I would keep her for a weekend, so it must be important.

So Friday night (last night..) I had a total of 6 tiny humans in my house. All under the age of 10. All I can say is O.M.G. That will never happen again, ever.

They all know as does everyone else, that I am not *strict* by any means. For the most part I just let them do there thing. They have boundaries and rules, but Im not the strict mom who says you have to go to bed right at dark, or you can't have sugar or cookies after 7 or whatever. I'm that mom who decides to give them ice cream of all things at 9pm at night, why? Just because. Why not? But then I learned that was a mistake Lol

They ran and drove me crazy, screaming like idiots until about 11pm last night before I had finally had enough and was ready to flip my lid. I told them to figure out where they were sleeping and get there already before I started rocking them to sleep with real rocks!!! LOL! It was a long night to say the least. 2 of the tiny humans were not used to sleeping over at anyone's house, so they were extremely restless all night. Tossing and turning and snoring and talking and it drove me crazy. And to make it worse, my own tiny human was coming down sick so she was up off and on all night long with a fever. Last night was horrible, but this morning was WORSE!

Every single one of the tiny humans were up, alert and on the go at 6:45am. Holy batman, what is wrong with them? It's Saturday for God's sake, go back to bed!! What happened to sleeping in on Saturdays? LOL Anyways..

We had planned to go to the annual Intertribal Powwow. It is something as a family we do every year to embrace the Indian in us! (Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, for those that maybe curious) So we do it every year. Well 2 of the tiny humans just had to go, not that I didn' twant them here, but I didn't have room in my car for them to go with us. So that helped and I went from 6 tiny humans to 4, which was much better. So while we were waiting to go to the powwow, the children had decided that they wanted to play T-Ball in my house while I was busy doing housework. AWWW HELLL NAW! We have some issues there yo!

First off, we don't play ball in the house and my children know this, regardless of who is here. So what do my children do? They decide that instead of playing with a ball, they are going to grab their FOAM dice and play with that instead. Isn't that like asking for trouble? Really? Lol What goes through their head when they do things like that? For the life of me I can't recall what life was like when I was 5, I barely remember even being 5. But my son, is quite the brilliant little turd and knew I wouldn't yell at him because it wasn't a ball.

Needless to say, I shipped them outside after it warmed up a little bit and we went on our way.

But what is wrong with me? Anyone who knows me know that I have next to NO patience for my own children, let alone other people's children, so what do I do? I have 6 of them total in my house and 1 of which will be here til Monday! Why would I do that to myself?

So again I say, if you see my marbles, please be gentle with them.

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