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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Where Is That Manual?

You know, that manual that tells you how to raise your kids? Does anyone ever actually read that rubbish? I know I sure don't. But then again, I think a good 75% of those "parenting" books are written by people who don't even have children.

See, I dont claim to be the perfect mom, and I never will. Cuz I'm not perfect at it, and anyone who claims to be is lying through their teeth. There isn't a manual or a "how to" book on how to raise your children. Each child is different, each parent is different and everyone has their own parenting styles. I was raised with corporal punishment. I was beat with everything from a hand, belt, shoe, belt, switch, race car track. You name it, my ass was beat with it. However, I am not that parent that spanks their child, usually. I do occasionally reach a breaking point and it happens every few years. My kids are more emotional, then I ever was (is) so all I have to do is something as simple as telling them they aren't getting TV and they are so butthurt they cry for hours! But my tiny humans are some awesome ones. But I think every parent says that. Here are a few things that my children have told me, that I know as a parent that I am raising them right, even doing it alone, as I have the last 10 1/2  years.

 My daughter walks into the living room this afternoon and takes her shirt off! I looked at her and said "What are you going to do if someone walks in the door?" She says "Nothing, if they don't like it, they don't have to look!" ~ She is definitely my mini-me.

My son walks up to me today and says "Mom, why are you cleaning" I say: "Because I LOVE to clean up after other people, that's why I had children!" He says: "That is SO not funny mom" and takes off running....

My youngest daughter who is just the wee young age of 1, walks up to me this evening after her bath and says "Hi mommy mommy mommy mommy" I say "Hi Jackie, I love you!" She says " I wub you my mommy" and takes off giggling.

My wonderful daughter who is just now getting boobs, walks into the kitchen after her shower and lifts her shirt up and says "Look at my boobies! Im cold so they pop out" ~LMAO

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree with my tiny humans. However I am not an "emotional" person. I am not a person who runs around and says I Love You and gives hugs and things like that. I dont do emotions, I dont do people and I most certainly don't like being touched... But just because that is who I am, doesn't mean I am teaching my children to be the same way...

My children are CRAZZZY, just like their mother. However, my children may have done everything above in just ONE day.. But my children are great to each other. After they had their bedtime snack, my oldest daughter sat down with her younger 2 siblings and read them a few chapters out of her Judy Blume book, because Judy Blume is her favorite author and she loves reading to them.

... My children may be a little strange at times and come up with some doozy's, but they are very gentle and kind towards each other. Well most days. The other days they try to kill each other, I look at them and say "Go to your room, duke it out and lemme know who wins!" LOL

So I may not always be the "perfect" mom to everyone else. But I must be doing something right to have the kids I do! I don't know what I would do without them. I wouldn't survive without them.

But really, where is this mommy manual that everyone speaks of?

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