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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So it wasn't until just this morning I realized how big my children are getting right before my eyes! And I am around my children so much, that I dont even realize how much they are growing! They are like little weeds! Constantly growing and changing!! So these are the 2 pictures that made me realize just how much my children have grown in the last year.

This is a picture of my my daughter and son on the first day of school LAST year, August 16, 2011

Katie was 9 and entering 4th grade and Jonathan was 4 going into Pre-Kindergarten

Here is a picture of my daughter and son on the first day of school this year. August 20, 2012. Almost exactly a year apart.

Katie is 10 and entering 5th grade and Jonathan is 5 entering Kindergarten. 

It wasn't until I seen this picture that I came to the realization that I am getting OLD! LOL


  1. Amazing how quickly they grow up!! Such precious pictures.


  2. Way cute kids and you're just a baby yourself! Silly girl.

    They do grow so quickly though. I swear mine should be elementary school and they are in their 40's! YIKES

    1. Well I wish I was a baby Lol I will be 27 in November.. I feel like Im 40 though, does that count?

  3. The time zips by and seems to pick up speed with each passing year. Your kids are super-cute!

  4. Beautiful children as all kids are. This reminded me of my boys, when they were small. I miss having a daughter though. <3


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