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Monday, August 6, 2012

My Bucket List

So with all the things going on in my life, it has had me thinking about a lot of things.. More things then I probably should be thinking about Lol But since all I have on my hands is time It got me thinking about all the things in life that I want to do, and have yet to do, so I decided Im going to write it all down and accomplish them one at a time..

1) I'd really love to visit Ireland. Not just for a weekend or so, but to really live and experience everything they have would be perfect. I've always had a thing for Ireland, and to kiss that blarney stone, would rock my world! haha

2) There are a lot of things I have tried, and I won't go into any further detail Lol and this might make me sound a lil more freaky, but I would love to have sex in an elevator. I think that would be interesting, to say the least....

3) I would love to go bungee jumping. I know, it sounds crazy and I do have this fear that I will jump and the bungee would break, but fuck it.. Im gonna die eventually anyways so I might as well do it with an adrenaline rush! LOL!

4) Before I die, I want a house that is fully owned in my name. No one elses, just allll mine. Ranch style preferrably with lots of land for my children and future grandchildren to run. Also for my gardens because I love my gardens. Not a farm, but just land with a ranch style house, with a room for everyone. With wooden floors and a bearclaw bathtub, because they don't make those like they used to ya know.

5) To end up with a man that actually loves me for who I am. Someone who can accept my children and the rest of my family without restriction. Someone who is always here, through the good and the bad. I was supposed to have that in my marriage, but I dont think marriage is for me. So I am good if I never do end up getting married again. Or maybe I will just know when it's right? Who knows, but either way..

6) Im not asking to win the lottery, because that will never happen lol But to be in a comfortable place financially would be a dream come true. I want to be able to put my kids through college and that's something at this point and time I can't do! Luckily my oldest is only 10 so I still have some time, but I would like to be able to put all 3 of my children through college.

7) I would love to be happy with myself. I am almost 27 years old and I can only name maybe 1 or 2 times in my life so far that I have been happy with myself. Happy with who I am. Happy with the person I end up being in life. Because at this very moment, I am not happy with myself, and Im not even sure how to get to happy.

8) I'd like it if my family would be proud of me. Right now I don't feel like they are proud of me. I think they view me more as a "charity case" or someone to feel sorry for. It would be a nice accomplishment if I actually felt as if they were proud of me, instead of looking down on me.

9) I'd like to accomplish something more in life than just having children. I swear it feels like that is the only thing I have accomplished this far in my life, but I know the only way to get there, is to get up and be somebody...

10) I'd like to write a book, I love writing and blogging.. But to actually write a book and have it published would be amazing. An autobiography maybe? I know I haven't lived very long in life, but to write a book, based on my own personal journey in life, would be great. And maybe somewhere down the line my struggles and hardships in life might make others see things from an different perspective.

Well these are the first 10 things on my list I am working on one at a time, while taking things one day at a time. Will I accomplish them all? Maybe, maybe not. But I hear you are never supposed to give up on your dreams, so at least I have a rough draft!!!

...Until next time


  1. I like everything on your bucket list, including the bungee jump... Except I wanted to jump out of a plane... LOL

    One thing I learned in life is that you can accomplish almost anything you set your heart on accomplishing. For the big things, just set small goals to get there and then one day, you will suddenly realize how close to your goal you are.

    I know you can write a book! Go for it!

    1. I have thought about it.. But I am thinking of taking some writing classes. I like writing now, but I dont think Im "good" enough to write a book just yet, if that makes sense LOL

  2. Thanks for sharing your dreams. I'm with you on the ranch style house with land and gardens. I would love that! We used to have five acres and I really miss that. Yes, take writing classes! Follow your passions, Jesse!


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