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Monday, August 6, 2012

Dog Days Of Summer

So this summer has been CRAZY! There have been very few days in the last month and a half that have been below 100 degrees. It is highly unusual weather for Nebraska I think. I've lived here my whole life and the heat is never this bad. My kids and I have been making the best of it though. It has definitely been a great one! And it wasn't until this summer that I truly started enjoying summertime and the heat..

<~~These are my children! Well my 3 children and my adopted daughter Rebecca! This was the very first time that we had been out camping. "Real" camping as I call it. We had no running water, no electricity, no bathrooms. Just us and the trees and river! I was a little worried about how my 1 year old daughter would adjust to life in the "wilderness" as I call it. Because she has yet to enjoy the greatness of the outdoors. But she truly does love it. And my adopted daughter did really well for her first time camping as well. I think they were a little bored without technology. But I truly did enjoy watching the children build a fort out of sticks and blankets. The joys of summer!

This is a picture of my babymama and me! ~~~> She came down on Friday, July 13th and had a bbq with me! We have sooo much fun when we are together. It never used to be like that, but we are living proof that people and things do change if you really want them to be different. I would have to say that she is one of my best friends, and certainly the only woman in the world I call my babymama! I foresee a great future ahead of us with a lot of summertime! We don't spend nearly as much time together as I would like, but considering we live 45 minutes away from each other, I think we are doing well! And we don't just get to see each other, but our children get to spend time together as well and I think that is important for brother and sister to be together regardless of whether their father wants them too or not! We put our differences aside for our children, and that just makes us the bigger people, in my eyes at least.

<~~ This is me riding in the backseat of a convertible! This was after I spent the night with one of my very good friend Cassie's house. She has been my friend for at least 12 maybe 13 years? We have known each other so long, I dont even know how long!! We lost contact for awhile, and reconnected via facebook. And if it weren't for her (and a few others) I dont think I would have made it the last few weeks. Life has just been knocking me down and she is one of the very few in this world I can call a true friend, and I love her!! Ohh yeah, those are also her shades that I am pimpin, hahahaha :)

These are 3 of my favorite girls in the whole world! ~~~> This is my daughters Katie and Bianca, and my adopted daughter Becca. I say that Bianca is my daughter, because she has even called me "mom" a time or two in her life. And I was also there to raise her for the first 3 years of her life and even now I manage to put my 2 cents in from time to time. She is actually my baby cousin! I will always look at her as my daughter though. They are at Becca's 10th birthday party, striking a pose! They are sooo great together and are really close. Having such a great time enjoying their summer together in the pool!!!

It has been very, very hot outside, but we have managed to make the best of it. Spending a lot of time camping and swimming and spending time together as a family. Isn't that what summertime should be all about? Spending time with your family and living it up! Because I do know that once winter hits, we will have 12ft of snow and we will not be enjoying the weather as much as we do now. 

Although I do have to say I enjoy fall/winter more then I do the summertime. Because I stand by my own statement when I say "When it's cold, you can always put more clothes on, but if it's hot as hades outside, you can never legally take enough clothes off!!" LOL

So I ask, how have you spent your summertime? And I leave you with...

...Satan has called, he wants his weather back!!!


  1. I'm glad you are enjoying the summer. It sure has been a hot one. I hope your humidity is lower than ours is in FL. The heat is so much worst when it is humid...

  2. What a fun time. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Glad you're enjoying your summer. Camping is awesome! My boys did great being away from technology, catching crawdads, playing badminton and floating in the river. Hope you're staying cool!

  4. Never really too hot or humid for this tropical woman, but I do understand this has been a very difficult summer for many.
    Looks like the kids are managing just fine!

  5. It has been a great summer! So glad you have enjoyed yours!


  6. This is a great picture of summer time---camping, BBQ, riding in a convertible with the top down---perfect! But I am with you--I like winters best, though here in sunny Florida we don't see much change in weather. Sixty degrees is freezing cold to us! Nice blog you have here--saw that you joined my blog and left a comment so I wanted to say hello! Just joined your blog via GFC but it appears under the name Marcia Doyle, just so you know it's me. Thanks for sharing!


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