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Monday, July 23, 2012


Quite a few things in this world leave me breathless, even if only for a moment.

~The sound of laughter coming from my children. It takes my breath away just hearing the sound.

~That very brief moment I had the other day when my doctor told me that I might have cancer, I still have yet to catch my breath from that one.

~The words "I love you mommy" coming from my children. It takes my breath away, knowing I am doing my job as a mother right.

~The look in my man's eyes when he kisses me. It makes me feel like the only girl in the world, and takes my breath away and still after all this time, gives me butterflies.

~This WEATHER!  It has been sooo freakin hot lately it takes your breath away. In the 100's and so humid and muggy is makes you sick. Satan has called, he wants his weather back!

~ My great-grandmother's voice echoing in my head, telling me to calm down and take a breath and just live your life to the fullest. That leaves me breathless and speechless sometimes, because it's a constant chatter in my brain.

~And anything that is sung by Kansas. That is my all time favorite band and always will be. I could and do listen to them for hours on in. If I could only of been a fly on the wall back in that day!!


  1. Those are absolutely lovely things to capture your breath...but the heat and humidity of summer, yes even 100 degree summer, is just fine with me. I love a summer day! All of them.

    great job.

    1. I love summer as much as the next person, but I don't have AC now.. so that makes it hard to breathe for me and my lil ones!!

  2. I agree with you. Satan can have his heat back!! Loved this!!


  3. Nice post! Our kids do have a way of taking our breath away. Such gifts! I sure hope it cools down a bit for you. :)

    1. We have a cold front coming in! It's supposed to be 89 tomorrow!! LOL Slowly but surely it will cool down :)

  4. The heat. yes. sucks. make it go away.

    It's been a long time since I've been breathless with laughter. Need to remedy that.

  5. Good for you, life & love should leave you breathless.

  6. Sounds like some wonderful things to leave you breathless. I saw something cool from Kansas that you might want.


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