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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Surgery Is Approaching

So I have talked for awhile now about the fact that I would be having surgery. I honestly don't think that most people even believed me when I said I was having surgery. But it is happening. And when I seen that doctor (the final doctor) and he said "Let's do this" I hugged him and cried. I cried for almost 20 minutes I felt so relieved and here is why.

I have had back problems for as long as I can remember. When I was 11 I had a garage door fall on my head, literally. I have had back problems since then. And we won't mention the multiple car wrecks and child births etc that I have been through, we will just say that the problems have always been there. 

Well I have seen countless doctors. I have seen so many doctors I have lost track. I seen a few doctors that tried to tell me that the pain was just "in my head" I've seen a few that have told me that there was "damage" but it was "damage" I could live with, without any pain management. I have been to about 6 different physical therapies, not to mention chiropractors etc.. I have seen every doctor in this world that you can think of, I have seen them.

Finally after all these years (almost 12) of trying to get someone to tell me what the hell is wrong with me and WHY I hurt the way I do, I find a doctor that tells me the pain is NOT in my head and what it is that is wrong with me and what we can do to fix it. And I was so relieved, all I could do was cry. Im sure I looked like the biggest idiot in the world sitting there crying LOL But that's all I could was cry.

What I am having done is called "Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion." It's a procedure that is used to treat degenerative disc disease which is what I have...

There will be a incision made in my lower back (L5 area) and another incision right below my neck. He will then remove part of my vertebral bone to get to my disc since he can only access the disc through the one side (right) of my spine. After he does that, he will then remove the damaged part of my disc and leave the undamaged part there to help the bone graft material. Then the bone graft will be placed in the empty disc space, realigning the vertebral bones. This will also lift the pressure from my pinched nerve that is causing me so many problems, and that may need to have morselized bone there as well. After this awesome doctor does all that he will then implant a series of screws and rods to support the bone grafts that were put in my spine.

Afterwards, the bone graft will grow through and around the implants, forming a bone bridge that connects the vertebral bodies above and below. That is called a FUSION.....

Sounds painful doesn't it? Yeah it definitely will be. I will be in the hospital anywhere from 3-5 days. But my doctor informed me that since I am a smoker, it will take me longer to heal so I will more then likely be in the hospital for the entire 5 days as long as there are no complications that is, but since I am young enough hopefully there will be none.

He also informed me that since we were doing the surgery on my L5 disc (the very bottom disc in your back) that it would mean that it will make my L4 and other discs work harder so I may need more surgery down the road, just fantastic right? And I will also be left in bed for 6 months. I will not be able to do anything but LAY for 6 months. And who knows what 6 months will bring.

I am scared to death. I am a pessimist and all I foresee is something BAD happening or something going wrong, or that I may end up in more pain then I was to begin with. But this is the only option that I have.

So I am holding my breath and taking it all one day at a time. I am leaving it up to who or whatever I believe in (yeah I don't know anymore) and just going with it. One day at a time, one problem at a time and I am praying that everything will work out for the best and I won't have to live in pain anymore.

But as I am getting ready to have this surgery done, I am finding out who really is there for me. And I mean that family and friend wise. So I look at it this way......

If you can NOT handle me while I am at my worst, you will NEVER get me at my best and be apart of my life, because I do NOT need anyone in my life that will bring me down. I only need people in my life that are positive and can bring me up. So if you can't be that person then leave me the hell alone and get the hell on.. kick rocks!

I am way to young to feel this damn old and things are about to drastically start changing, so be veryyy prepared......

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  1. I agree with your last paragraph!! :)

    I know this is scary, and I would be scared too, but I know how strong you are and you are capable of overcoming anything life has to throw your way!! <3


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