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Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Journey In Life: Update

I feel like it's been so long since I have blogged that I am not even sure where to begin with things. There has been sooo much that has been going on it has been nothing but hectic for me. First an foremost I will start with my kiddos.

My kids are doing great. My oldest daughter has been living summer up, just as a normal 10 yr old girl usually does. Her and I have been butting heads quite a bit lately. Puberty is heading this way, so her attitude is drastically changing causing her and I to fight alot. I am struggling with a balance between it all. But I will figure it out, but I will get there.

My son was supposed to be in summer school, but since it was not manditory for him to be there he changed his mind and decided that he didn't want to go, so I didn't make him. He has instead spent a lot of time with his friends and in our pool outside. He has also just recently mastered doing "backflips" on our trampoline. He gives me a heart attack everytime he does it LOL I cant just see the future of him breaking his arm or leg, but he has always been my little daredevil and probably always will be. His normal boy "behavior" you know, playing rough and just being a boy has taken it's toll on his glasses. He really does need a new pair. I have ordered 3 pairs already this summer and now his insurance won't cover anymore, and I am actually suprised they covered that many even lol And money is a very rough issue right now so I am saving to get him a descent pair that won't fall apart if he happens to fall, or whatever may happen with them because anyone who has glasses knows that the frames aren't cheap and neither are the lenses and he needs both. And his loser deadbeat father doesn't pay child support so that isn't an option either... But that's a different topic. But otherwise my son is growing like a weed and doing awesome!

My baby Jack is doing so great for her age. She is talking up a storm in her little baby language lol And I hate to say it but she is still on the bottle, which is my fault and not hers really. I should have her broke from it by now, but I just give in LOL She only has it at night though and only about every other night now so it shouldn't be much longer before she isn't on it at all. She is my big girl though. She is the length and weight of my 3 year old neice. She is very big for her age, which is surprising even for the doctors since she was only 5lbs at birth, lol But she is right where she is supposed to be otherwise. She is growing up fast and it makes me sad because I my tubes are tied and I can't have anymore, so I am enjoying my baby while she is still a baby. Before she is grown up like my other 2 and life really has it's handle on me! LOL

As for me... Well I will make that into 2 separate blogs. For now I will say that I am doing okay and so is my relationship. Our relationship seems to get stronger everyday. We have had our little ups and downs and him and I haven't really fought, except about money. But doesn't everyone in a relationship/marriage fight about money? LOL I think that's just a given. Because he moved from Alabama to Nebraska to be here with me. He left his job, house and everything behind and came here with nothing. Had no job or anything. And it hasn't been easy for him to get a job here, and since I can't work (the other blog) money is just really hard. So we lost our internet. We lost our internet and cable and we are struggling with rent, light and gas and internet is more of a "luxury" not a priority right now so we are taking things one day at a time.

I try and stay positive, I really do. But somedays are a lot easier then others. But I am hoping it won't be much longer before I have internet. Because I really miss it and I have a lot to blog about LOL

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  1. <3 I am glad the kids are having a good summer. I feel ya about the lack of money, otherwise I'd be up there hanging out more often. <3


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