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Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Blog Because.....

I'd say it's really simple why I blog, but it really isn't.. well at least not for everyone anyways or maybe it is I dunno.

I blog because it's the only thing I have that is mine. It's the only thing that I have that is all mine and no one elses. Maybe that sounds a little on the selfish side but I don't really care. LOL I have a very crazy, hectic, drama filled life.

Right at this very moment I live in a house with 7 people, 2 cats and 1 kick me dog. Well I call her a kick me dog cuz she is a little mopsy lopsy dog or some crap LOL I don't literally kick her or anything. But I live a crazy life. And we don't have the hugest of houses and we BARELY make ends meet around here. Read some of my other blogs and you will see a little bit into my craziness. I have my man who keeps me sane most of the time, but I am a "loner" kind of person and I like to be quiet and left alone A LOT and in this house that is next to impossible. And to have any kind of privacy?? HAHAHAHAHHAHA. Thats a joke. Just having my 3 kids is crazy enough, but really. I don't even have the luxury of taking a shit in peace around here LMAO

I blog, because this is the one and ONLY thing that no one in my house or family has access to. Literally. My family knows I have a blog, but they do not know where it is or what it's about etc.. This is alllll mine and the only people I share it with are the people I CHOOSE to share it with.

I blog for my sanity sometimes. Because the only friends I have are in the internet, I have no one in person I can just talk to (well besides my man) about things so I will get on the internet and blog about my day or whatever I feel like crying or whinning or bitching about that day. Whatever I may or may not need to vent about.

I blog because it makes me feel better at the end of the day. It's like my own little online journal and I don't give a shit if anyone reads it or if anyone likes it or whatever! This blog I have is all mine and I don't have to share... I don't have to share!! Thats why I blog..

Ohh and I blog, because some people think I am one funny mother fucker and I can't let my faithful readers down! hahahahahahahaha

If you are reading this, I love you in my own little weird internet way!!!!

...Until we meet again


  1. Love you too <3

    And you can blog for any reason you feel like, and I swear with the way you write, you will always have readers, you write well. <3

  2. I thought about having a secret blog. What a great way to dump some stress! Wait... I do. LOL But I set it up so it can't be found with a search engine and now I can' find it either. hahaha

    I NEED solitary time like the air I breath. I would go stark raving mad if I lived with 7 other people! Fortunately for me, my hubby is just like me, so it works out well for us.

  3. all great reasons to blog... i like how you stated that it's yours and no one elses.... a secret blog might be kind of fun.. :) hmm...


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