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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yes, I was that girl!

So in high school, I wasn't among the "popular" kids. I was the outsider, the quiet one who hung out with the potheads and the kids who were labeled "goths." I was that girl in the back of the room with black hair, black bracelets and anklets to match. With all the piercings to boot! I had the ears, nose, lip, eyebrows... I was just a plain outcast. I never really did feel like I fit in.. I had a close knit group of friends. These were the friends I walked to the bus stop with everyday before school and the same friends I rode home with. These were also the same friends I would later get in trouble with, but that's whole different blog.

I may have been the outcast in high school, but I was also known as the very bold, no so quiet cocky one. I always spoke my mind and I didn't care who I was speaking it too! It didn't matter if it was a fellow student, teacher, principal, I didn't care at all. If I didn't like you, I made it known and I made it known very loudly. I wouldn't have called myself a bully because I was the kinda girl who stoop up to the bullies.

One day, I was walking down the hall and this guy (whom I had the hugest crush on) decided he wanted to just be a jerk and pick on me. Being a jerk was his way of flirting. Well it just so happened that day, that I was rockin out my leather pants, combat boots and a t-shirt that read. "I Dress This Way To Bother You" haha It was my favorite shirt, I wore it constantly. And he looked at me and said, "You really do bother me the way you dress, is your mother proud of you?" I had no words. I wasn't sure what to do at this point. I was angry...

....I walked over to him and decked him right in his nose! And Im sure it hurt him too. I was the kinda girl who had at least 2 rings on each of my fingers (yep even my thumbs!) So I know he had felt some sort of pain. I was in loads of trouble then...

Down in the office the principal had asked me, "What were you thinking?" I looked at her and simply said, "He asked for it, he shouldn't have talked about my mother!!"


Needless to say, he never bothered me again. I wasn't the girl who went out seeking for the confrontation, but if something was ever said about my family or my friends I felt I needed to do what was necessary, and at that time all I could do was deck him... Not saying it was a smart thing to do, because I had hormones plus family troubles at the time (my mother was not even around for most of my high school years) that were running amok in my mind, but that was the kinda girl I was..

Bold, loud, awkward, a complete stoner, and someone who would deck you right in your nose if I thought you needed it! LOL

Now, I don't operate in the same ways I did in high school, I would only use violence as a means of self defense.. But in every other aspect I am still indeed the same person...



  1. I read you comment on my blog just a couple minutes ago and I would agree with part, but I see a really big difference between you and I. I'm not a fighter. Ever. I just use my mouth, make my point and walk away. Always. I usually don't even stay for the retort. I like to have the last word. :)
    A little goth in HS, wouldn't have guessed that! :)

  2. Im not a fighter anymore either.. I was in high school.. (a lot..) But not anymore. I used anger as a solution. In regards to your blog, I just simply meant the attitude, guess I should have clarified that a lil bit :)

    Haha, I surprise a lot of people.. goth wasn't the only thing I was in high school! I was also the girl who died her hair bright pink for my junior prom! LOL! :)

  3. dyed* not died.. haha guess I really do need to preview before I publish! ;)

  4. Boy, you really were a bad a$$! LOL. I bet he wasn't expecting you to sock him one. Pow, right in the kisser. You were the rebel. I really enjoyed reading your blog, it made me smile and giggle. Now you think I am a complete nut job. Yeah, I guess I am. Great blog!


  5. Thanks Kathy! No, he wasn't expecting me to at all! I think that's why I enjoyed it so much LOL Yes, I was really horrible in high school...

    I don't think you are a nut job, Im told that's what I am! hahahaahahaha :)

  6. I was the quiet, never did anything wrong type... Someone like you interested me. Loud, kickass attitude.... And that guy deserved his punishment!

  7. There's a line...and he crossed it.


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