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Thursday, March 1, 2012


So, I am forewarning anyone that maybe reading that you are in for an EYE full! I haven't blogged in so long that I have lots of things to 'catch' up on and I could talk about nothing for HOURS! But just an update for those interested...

My kids are doing awesome! My older 2 are doing sooo great in school, I almost want to question if they are my children LOL Nahh, who am I kidding? I was never THAT bad in school... (or was I...hehehe) My baby girl is a mini me! Well, her personality that is. She is quiet (unless she has something she wants to say) and doesn't like to be around a lot of people and a complete mama's girl! I am enjoying while I can until she gets to be 10 and runs down the hall saying "I hate you mom" like my other daughter does from time to time.. haha

As for me? Well I have all sorts of problems... lol And not just that Im crazy because I could probably sit and debate my kinda crazy and your kinda crazy ALL night long but I have my health issues too. Just recently went to the dr and had a HUGE ass needle shoved right in my lower back. That about killed me. The pain of that needle was worse then labor  pains! Ughh it was a killer. Kept me in bed all that day and I am still feeling the effects of it today even. I do feel slightly better from it, but I am not 100% normal and moving either. Shit happens I guess. Most days I *try* not to let my pain get the best of me. But I have my good days and my bad days just like everyone else in the world.

Divorce outta be interesting for me. Considering my gut is telling me he will pull some shit out his ass to try and take the baby, but it won't work. I have much more dirt on him then he has on me!! Karma will be a bigger then I will ever have to be... ;) But whatever. I am over his drama and his bullshit and his FAMILIES bullshit, so they can all kiss my indian ass!  YES I really hope he does! But on a brighter note..

I *DO* have a new man, and so far it's great. Actually taking things REALLY slow this time around because I have learned my lesson with taking things FAST. Takings things one day at a time is working for us. And if it lasts awhile that will be great. But I have no expectations for the future.. And Im loving every minute of it. I think I am more happy of not having the "commitment" that you have when you are in a marriage. I really do believe I jumped the gun (and then some..) when I decided to do the most terrible thing to date and get married. But you live and learn right? Im over it lol

I still don't sleep.. like ever! On a really good night I will sleep for 4 hours. There have been 2 nights in the last 7 years that I have slept well and that was when I was sharing my bed with another man. Best sleep I had gotten in YEARS. But ya know, what can ya do? I live off of coffee and sometimes energy drinks, an occasional nap here and there.. but pretty much no sleep. Crazy keeps me sane! But I am not crazy, or weird.. I am just a limited edition of awesomeness! haha

But there is an update for you, stay tuned lots to come!!!!!!!


  1. Now that's what I call a quick, get to know me blog! LOL Lovin' your style and lovin' your honesty.
    Life is far too short to settle for anything less than everything!
    So glad to be getting to know you. ♥

    And I'm still up. *sighs at Darlene*

  2. Ha! I posted my BFF blog because I have all kinds of blogging in me tonight for some reason! I was just itching for it!

    Honesty~ Yeah I have been told before that I may have a little too much of that.. But screw em, I'm me! Love me or hate me, either way Im gonna shine :)

  3. I like your attitude. What's up with the pain? You have an injury? Normally, I wouldn't ask, but you brought it up. hee hee

    LOL @ Jo.....

  4. I have 3 bludged discs. One of which is pressing against my nerve. Fibromyalgia, whiplash, carpal tunnel and arthritis... I have lots of injuries! LOL

    1. Glad to hear you found someone. If he turns out to be your "Mister Right" your views on commitment is liable to change. Commitments are only good if both parties are committed. I wish you luck in love!!


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