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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Inside My Crazy Mind...

So, I just have a random question before I start.... 

If you accidentally butt dial someone, does that make them a booty call?

I have sooo many crazy things that are constantly running through my head. LOL I think it's mostly because I sit home by myself with a 1 year old all day, so I have nothing better to do then to occupy myself.

So I constantly have random things that I just blurt out. If you are a friend of mine on facebook, You may have already seen it. But just some random thoughts of mine.. And if you know the answers to them feel free to let me know, because I am constantly wondering... For example..

Why does glue not stick to the inside of the glue bottle?

What is the purpose of a rubber duck? I mean really!? 

How come there are A, C, and D batteries, but not B's?

Why do people put kleenex boxes in the REAR window of the car, really what is the point of that!? So you can sneeze, pull over and hop in back to grab a tissue? WHAT? LOL

Why isn't there a mouse flavored cat food? My cat would LOVE that!!

Do you think people in China get tattoo's of English words on them? I never did understand that..

WHY is there braille on ATM drive thru's? What did I miss there? LOL

Why do women put mascara on with their mouth open? I think it's impossible for women to have their mouth closed...

How come when someone is asked, "If you were stranded on a deserted island what is the one item you would bring" no one says A BOAT?

These are just some of my random questions, I think one day I will find all the answers, hopefully sooner then later! LOL


  1. This was pretty funny! I love your random questions. I can't even pick a favorite. My son asked me the other day why a report card has the grades of A, B, C, D, and F. Why don't they use E? lol Take care.

    1. In our schools here in RI, they do (or used to) use E as the failing grade instead of F. I thought it was strange after we moved here from Illinois. I even (cringe) saw one on my own report card once, in analytic geometry. That subject gave me nightmares.

  2. Yeah, my kids ask random things like that sometimes too! Only here they use "1,2,3,4, and 5" And she wanted to know why they used numbers....? I had no answer for her LOL

  3. I like the mascara one. I'll have to try it with my mouth shut this morning. And I remember those days home alone with a little one. For me, it was two. As much as you may adore your children it can be a very lonely isolating time. Makes you appreciate even te most mundane adult conversations even about the stupid weather!

    1. Yes it really does make you appreciate those adult conversations! I love my babies to death, but mommy needs grown up time! :)

  4. I'll be pondering the tissue box dilemma for the rest of the day.

  5. This is just plain awesome. I LOVE the way your mind works!! LOLOLOLOL


  6. Glad I could get a laugh out! I think I just have to much time on my hands LOL However I really don't think I will ever fully understand the function of a rubber duck....


  7. Love the desert island question! So logical but you never hear anyone say that!

  8. LOL

    O M G ....

    Now that I think of it...
    They are really good questions....

    Mhmmm Send I think your purpose of writing this was not to show the random n crazy thoughts you have ...

    but to merely pull us in..

    n make us crazy too..

    Yup thats my theory n IM sticking to

    1. LOL... I can't make anyone crazy! I can only bring the crazy in you out... hahaha :)


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