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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Insane In The Mom Brain

I get up at 7am every single day. I get up. Get my 2 kids dressed, fed and ready for school. Drop them off at 830am and then I come home and make breakfast for my tiny human.

Then I spend from 9-3ish doing the mom thing. Ya know what that is? Cooking, cleaning, laundry, running errands, more cleaning and more laundry, blah blah I could go on and on and on..

3:55pm gets here and it's time to pick the mini me's up from school. Then I get home and do more laundry and more cleaning and more errand running. Yes, I have a nice 3 bedroom house, full attic, full basement that needs tending too and I am the only one who does any of it. If you have kids, you know cleaning house is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing! My 1 year old does a great job of destroying what I clean up.

Unless it pertains to the house or the kids, I don't leave. And when I say I don't leave, I mean I literally do not leave my house. Don't see another adult, human being ever. I sit by myself all day long with a 1 year old daughter to talk to. You know how lonely that gets after awhile?

Don't get me wrong, my kids drive me INSANE but I love them to death and I do everything for them. But I don't see adults, ever. And it gets lonely to  never have an adult conversation. The only adult time I have is the computer. And usually on a daily basis I am SO busy doing for the kids, and cooking cleaning etc, I don't have time to just sit on the computer and do nothing. Between the house, kids and my health problems I am just plain to tired at the end of the day.

And even though I am tired as hell I still don't sleep. On average I sleep about 3-4 hours a night, on a good night I will get 6 hours but that hasn't happened in a very long time. So since Im never around adults, 90% of my day I spend in my head. Between my OCD, Generalized anxiety, my health problems I am alone..

So I blog. I blog because it keeps me SANE right now, and I don't care who or if anyone reads or what anyone thinks while reading them. But I have to or I might go crazy, but since I am already crazy, I don't know what will happen... LOL

I need friends, that are in my area to come and visit every now and then. Or something has got to give. Something has to change before I go completely batty and end up an old single lady with 30 cats!

Im going insaneeeeeeeeee!


  1. I would suggest you just start inviting a friend over for tea or coffee or whatever you enjoy one afternoon or morning, what ever works for you, one day a week. Try different people and keep yourself in, comfortable and welcome some adult conversation.

    Oh, and invite people who don't care if everything is perfectly clean in case the day she is coming isn't your best day. Keep the date anyway.

    1. I would do that Jo, except I dont have anyone to invite over.. lol All jokes aside, I really dont have anyone to invite over...

    2. If you can afford it hire someone to clean the house. If not, do not let it get so messy that you have to dig in. Also why are you staying indoors with the little one. Put the child in a carriage and walk to the park. Take the child to the grocery store with you and talk to the customers who are shopping as well. There is no reason you have to become such a hermit. Get out of the house, with the little one, the baby will be happier and so will you. Another place you can wander around in, is the public library. Just being around other people will make you feel less lonely. and if your other kids are old enough, let them take care of cleaning their own rooms.

      I hate to say this but the isolation you feel is being made by you. There is no reason you have to remain in your house all day. I know from experience.

  2. Another suggestions. I also have no one to talk to, just like you . I moved from an area I had lived in for22 years to a place where I know you said, I had absolutely no friends.

    Today I decided to make changes. I walked to my mail box, saw other women there and started to talk to them. One of them invited me in to look at her pretty house. I went.

    I got up early and went to Wal Mart. I went in to the eye store and picked up m glasses. Then I walked and saw a woman wearing interesting shoes, so I stopped and told her I loved them.. She was so pleased..she also was alone and lonely. We talked a little, I told her I wanted to have lunch and asked her if she wanted to join me. We had a wonderful time having lunch. She was so lonely she said she has no friends or family.

    Try to do the same. See someone and if there is something about them you can say, say it......If they respond then respond back. Even if she does not give you here email , no loss. You still had a companion for the afternoon. You will feel refreshed and not so closed it....

    1. Sondra~ Up until recently the weather has just been way to cold to take the little one outside. Im talking like -20 kinda cold lol Although we spent the afternoon outside yesterday. I do believe Spring has finally arrived.

      We went walking on the trail with her little red wagon and I walked almost 2 miles. Im definitely not trying to isolate myself.

      My house really isn't that messy. But I also have OCD so it has to be PERFECT for me. Which is something that I am working on.. lol But my kids are definitely old enough to clean their own rooms.

      Thanks for the suggestions though, I will have to give it a whirl. But I also joined the local Y so I am hoping I meet some that way too ;)


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