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Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Love My Babymama

Once in awhile, whether on my blog or on facebook you will hear me talking about my babymama. And people will say, "Your babymama?" and sound confused, because Im already a babymama how in the hell do I *have* a babymama?

It's simple really. My son's father had a girlfriend after we were together, and they had a child. So naturally they are brother and sister. She is my babymama and is one of my best friends now.

In the beginning we didn't like each other, at all. In fact I will go as far as saying that we (or at least I) had nothing but hate for her. I didn't even want to look at her, or be around her in the same room.

Then Jonathan's father and her were no longer together and things changed for both of us. She finally saw everything that I had been saying was true and we started talking. At first it was just facebook and then it was face to face.

We had a long conversation (and then some LOL) and we have been friends ever since. I talk to her at least once a day if not more. We see each other, not just because our kids are brother and sister but because we are friends too. She shares things with me, and I share (or whine as I call it) with her as well. And both of us have a mutual hate for our babydaddy LOL

And other then the fact that we have children together we both have one other thing in common. We may have hate for him now, but at some point and time we both loved him. And needless to say we were both entirely stupid for doing that too.. haha

She's my babymama, and I will always be here for her and I hope she feels the same. She isn't just a friend, she is family. And I do believe that her and I will always get along. But if a day comes that we don't. I know that unlike their father, her and I will still communicate well enough to make sure that brother and sister get to see each other. Her and I see eye to eye when it comes to family. Family, is the most important thing in your life. 

She is family, and I got nothing but love for her...

♥ Babymama Love 


  1. Babymama Love. Excellent!

  2. Jessie, I will always be here, and I hope we will always get along. But no matter what Danae and Jonathan deserve to know who each other are, and no one should stand in the way of that.

    Your my babymama and always will be! Luv Ya<3

  3. You are both terrific babymamas. It takes a true adult to let differences go and make a relationship such as the two of you. Your children are very, very fortunate.

  4. I love that you two were able to put everything aside and then assure that your children will always have each other in their lives. That is very loving and mature.

    1. We are doing our best! We aren't perfect by far. But we got love for each other, and our kids are pretty awesome! Im glad they will have the opportunity to grow up with each other :)


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