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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

GBE #43 ~ Shenanigans

Ohh, do I know all about shenanigans, I live it every single day! Here is what happened just today alone.

"Mommmm, tell Butta (his nickname) he has to get dressed for school!"

"Mommmm, tell Katie she is not my mom, she can't make me do anything!"

This was all before school even started! They get home from school...

"Son, put the ketchup up, it is NOT finger paint!!"

"Katie, get your itty bitty training bra out of my freezer, you are watching to much tv girl!"

"Get your finger out of your nose, boogers are not part of the food group!"

Then it comes dinner time. And my kids seem to think that they are God's give to everyone and think they need to decide dinner!

"Mom, can we have pizza?"

"No, you had that last night, we aren't eating it every night!"

"Well why not, I like pizza?"

"Because I said so, that's why!"

"I hate you mom, it's not fair, you are never fair!"

"Life is not fair honey, get used to it while you are young!"

"You always say that, ughh I don't like you right now!"

"Well I love you, and you will like me again once you need something!"

5 minutes later...

"Mom, Can I go to the center after school tomorrow?"

Now, WHY would I do that, since you don't like me and all??"

Shenanigans.. my house is full of them..

And this was just today, I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds!


  1. Excellent, you hold you own with the little critters.

  2. This is awesome and such a "real" birds eye view into your reality without the candy coating. I love it!! Kids will be kids.


  3. That is soo very true Kathy... I always tell everyone my kids are crazy, but they aren't really, they just have a slightly loopy mommy LOL

  4. I remember clearly the first time my daughter said she hated me. My response, "I'm sorry to hear that because I love you." She said, "That's because I'm nice!" I laughed at her and said, "That's because a nice person is raising you!" It was a draw!

    Those days pass, but we always have times that we don't like someone that we love deeply. It is the deed we don't like, not the doer.

    ♥ this post.

    1. She is going through puberty and her hormones are super crazy lately. LOL She uses the phrase "I hate you" quite frequently these days. Then she has her days where I am just her best friend in the whole world... PMS... lol :)

  5. Ketchup isn't finger paint? You sure??? LOL

    I miss those days. It sure is quiet when they are all grown and out on their own. *sigh*

    1. Ohh I am sure! There is still some stuck to my wall in places I can't reach! My son is definitely a crazy one :) lol


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