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Friday, March 2, 2012

Fuck it, Im drinkin!

So it's not very often (not anymore) I just decided to get deerrrrunk! Why the hell not? Im sitting at home on my ass, doing nothing! Why can't I get drunk in my own house? I can, so watch me!

But Im totally hating for what it's worth! If you have a penis just don't talk to me today. I am soooo tired of testosterone! I think that guys think they can just get away with anything they want, whenever they want! Or maybe it's just who I know? I don't give a fuck really, I am just tired of it today. I mean, what the hell? Im a GREAT woman! Call me old fashioned, but I do believe that if you man takes care of you financially and otherwise that you should take care of the house, kids, etc.. Im the kinda woman who makes her man's plate, does the laundry, all that good shit. But what do I ask for in return? Fuckin nothing! I just ask for enough respect to at least get ONE phone call a day! Or maybe just a fuck you Im busy? Either one will work. I don't like being left in the dark at all! What is so damn wrong with that?

Im just tired of being left in the dirt constantly. And not even by just men but everyone. It just seems that no one wants to call or do anything until they need something. And it doesn't matter what it is I will do what I can for anyone and EVERYONE knows that. But I can't say no! I just can't. Because that's the kinda person I am. The kind of person who gets STEPPED all over and doesn't ask for ONE thing in return, EVER!

Most days it doesn't even bother me. But I have my days like today where I am just like FUCK IT! I am just sooo tired and sooo done with it all. I mean it's like I keep trying and trying and fighting and fighting to be as HAPPY as I can be, and something or someone has to constantly knock me down and I am just FED up today.

I mean, when will there be someone who actually gives enough SHIT to wonder what I am doing every second of the day? And actually WANT to take care of me? Not my kids, just me??? Im just sooo tired today. Tired, frustrated, alone, cranky and just plain mean! Fuck it,  I am drinking!

Im drinking something called "Kinky" and I love it! Its Mango, Blood Orange, and Passion Fruit vodka! It's really great in shots, however I am drinking it with Sprite. Ohh and Bud Light when I finish this, because today... Just for today. I don't have the energy to fight with anyone or anything anymore. I can't even explain it, I am just done.

Yeah, Yeah, I know! I know! Alcohol won't solve any of my problems..... but then again neither will milk.. So fuck it :)

Ima get drunk and be somebody...right here on the computer! LOL! :)

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