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Thursday, March 1, 2012

BFF 172 ~ Smile

I am only 26 years old. But it has taken me a very long time to learn how to smile.

With all the struggles I have already had to endure in life, Up until recently I didn't know how to just smile. I have always been a glass half empty kinda girl, so smiling has never come natural for me. But now I have realized that is doesn't matter to me at all if the glass is half empty or half full. I say that while you are wondering if that glass is half empty or half full I drank that sum bitch all gone! Nothing left to wonder about now! haha

And even if I have those days when I have absolutely no plans on smiling (yeah...I that strange!?) I always have something to smile about, because I have children and I am breathing! God didn't have to let me wake up this morning and God didn't have to bless me with 3 of the greatest children in the world, but he did. Those are my reasons for smiling! Even if my children have drove me SO insane I want to duct tape them to the wall, I can still smile about the *thought* (never the of duct taping my children to the wall..  The little things in life are worth smiling about, even if the rest of *your* world is falling apart, you are alive and you are breathing! Not always happy and not always healthy but you are breathing and that's something to smile about. And even if that is not enough for you to smile about.. well..

Smile anyways my friends! It makes people wonder what you are up too! (Or does that only happen when I smile?)


  1. YES! Accenting the positive works!

    Girl... you really took off! hee hee I see I have already missed a blog! Also, I see that I neglected to follow. I'll remedy that right now!

  2. I'm glad you found a reason to today :-)

  3. You are just a ball of delight! Love this one, too. ♥

  4. girl,
    strangely, the half glass half full thing confuses me... i am always trying to figure out which one is the negative, which is positive.... so i guess... i just am......

    your writing is humorous... which takes care of your lack of smiles... so you're all good...

  5. Half empty is the negative... and humor keeps me sane! :) Thanks!

  6. Duck taping your children to the wall!!! LMAO!! Yes indeedy! I would like to string mine up by their toes or put them in a bird cage upside down. LOLOLOL Of course we would never do that to our little darlings but their are moments when you just want to so bad!! That is when I start counting and my kids head for the hills and assume angelic personas!! Love this, made me LOL.


  7. LOL Thanks Kathy!! I think there are times I want to lock them in the closet haha. But counting doesn't work for me. I have to say "If you don't do it, Im calling your Aunt" LOL That scares them more then my counting :)


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